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During epidemic, how quickly can the bearing world recover?

1 How does Xincrown affect the global industrial bearing distributor business?

The global industrial bearing distributor industry is a highly fragmented market, already largely struggling with intense competition and diminishing margins prior to the outbreak. The New Crown outbreak has further reduced demand, resulting in a sudden spike in “Days on Inventory”, or DSI, for bearing distributors, exacerbating their woes. Many smaller distributors are now struggling with cash liquidity challenges and are attempting to take advantage of government grants and support to maintain business and operations amidst the uncertainty. Larger distributors are concentrating their efforts on industries that experienced exceptional growth during the months of the new crown epidemic, such as medical equipment, food processing and hygiene products.

2 What plans are the larger bearing distributors making to weather these uncertain times?

1,Focus on cost cutting and increasing liquidity.

2,Management of the ability to realize assets such as the ability to defer accounts payable.

3,Seize high-growth areas and opportunities in the context of the new crown epidemic

4,Further analysis and optimization of the “customer portfolio” and “product portfolio”.

5,Building capacity for “value-added services” rather than “simple, featureless product sales and resale”

6,Adoption of digitalization and acceleration of the application of new technologies


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