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Insocoat bearings

Explanation of suffixes for electrically insulating bearings

When an electric current passes through a bearing by going from one ring to the other via the rolling elements, damage can occur.

At the contact surfaces, the process is similar to electric arc welding where there is a high current density over a small contact surface.
The material is heated to temperatures ranging from tempering to melting levels.

This causes the appearance of discoloured areas, varying in size, where the material has been tempered, re-hardened or melted.
Craters are formed where the material has been melted.
Appearance: Single craters in raceways and/or rolling elements. Localized burns in raceways and on rolling elements.

VL0241: >1000V?DC, >50MΩ outer ring insulated

VL2071: >1000V?DC, >50MΩ inner ring insulated

VL0244: >2000V?DC, >150MΩ outer ring insulated

VL2074: >2000V?DC, >150MΩ inner ring insulated

VL0246: >3000V?DC, >50MΩ outer ring insulated

VL2076: >3000V?DC, >50MΩ inner ring insulated


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