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Insocoat Bearings Manufacturer

We are a professional bearings manufacturer,especial is insocoat bearings.

Insocoat bearings

Items: SKF Insocoat Bearing
6214M/C3/VL0241 6215M/C3/VL0241 6216M/C3/VL0241 6217M/C3/VL0241
6218M/C3/VL0241 6219M/C3/VL0241 6220M/C3/VL0241 6221M/C3/VL0241
6222M/C3/VL0241 6223M/C3/VL0241 6224M/C3/VL0241 6225M/C3/VL0241
6226M/C3/VL0241 6227M/C3/VL0241 6228M/C3/VL0241 6312M/C3/VL0241

6308M/C4VL0241 6310M/C3VL0241 6312M/C3VL0241 6313M/C3VL0241 6214M/C4VL0241 6314/C3VL0241
6314M/C3VL0241 6314M/C4VL0241 6215M/C4VL0241 6315/C3VL0241 6315M/C3VL0241 6316/C3VL0241
6316M/C3VL0241 6316M/C4VL0241 6316/C3VL2071 6317M/C3VL0241 6218M/C3VL0241 6318/C3VL0241
6318M/C3VL0241 6318M/P64VL0241 6318M/C3VL2071 6319M/C3VL0241 6319M/C4VL0241 6319/C3VL2071 6320/C3VL0241 6320M/C3VL0241 6222M/C3VL0241 6322/C3VL0241 6322M/C3VL0241 6322M/C4VL0241 6322/C3VL2071 6324/C3VL0241 6324/P63VL0241 6324M/C3VL0241 6324/C3VL2071 6226/C3VL0241 6326/C3VL0241 6326M/C3VL0241 6326/C3VL2071 6328M/C3VL0241 6230/P53VL0241 
6330M/C3VL0241 6330M/C3VL2071  6324/C3VL2071

6226/C3VL2071 6326/C3VL2071 6328/C3VL2071 6230/C3VL20716330/C3VL2071 6332/C3VL2071
6016C3/VL0241 6216C3/VL0241 6316C3/VL0241 6017C3/VL0241 6217C3/VL0241 6317C3/VL0241
6018C3/VL0241 6218C3/VL0241 6318C3/VL0241 6019C3/VL0241 6219C3/VL0241 6319C3/VL0241
6020C3/VL0241 6220C3/VL0241 6320C3/VL0241 6021C3/VL0241 6221C3/VL0241 6321C3/VL0241
6022C3/VL0241 6222C3/VL0241 6322C3/VL0241 6024C3/VL0241 6224C3/VL0241 6324C3/VL0241
6026C3/VL0241 6226C3/VL0241 6326C3/VL0241 6028C3/VL0241 6228C3/VL0241 6328C3/VL0241
6030C3/VL0241 6230C3/VL0241 6330C3/VL0241 6032C3/VL0241 6232C3/VL0241 6332C3/VL0241
6034C3/VL0241 6234C3/VL0241 6334C3/VL0241 6036C3/VL0241 6236C3/VL0241 6336C3/VL0241
6038C3/VL0241 6238C3/VL0241 6338C3/VL0241 6040C3/VL0241 6240C3/VL0241 6340C3/VL0241
6044C3/VL0241 6244C3/VL0241 6344C3/VL0241 6048C3/VL0241 6248C3/VL0241 6348C3/VL0241

Electric motors, generators and associated equipment are at risk when an electric current passes through their bearings. This can damage the contact surfaces of rolling elements and raceways in the bearings (electrical erosion) and rapidly degrade the grease. An additional risk in electric motors and generators comes from high frequency currents caused by the inherent stray capacitance. The risk of damage increases where the application uses a frequency converter.
INSOCOAT bearings:

  • are designed to prevent electric current from passing through the bearing
  • have the external surfaces of either their inner or outer ring coated with an insulating aluminium oxide layer, by applying a sophisticated plasma-spray process for an outstanding quality finish 
  • are a very cost-effective solution compared with other insulation methods

Bearing features

  • Protection against electrical erosion 
    With insulating properties integrated into the bearing, INSOCOAT bearings can improve reliability and increase machine uptime by virtually eliminating the problem of electrical erosion.
  • High electrical resistance 
    The aluminium oxide coating provides a minimum electrical resistance of and can withstand voltages up to 3 000 V DC.
  • Consistent electrical performance 
    Plasma-spray coatings are normally hygroscopic and, therefore, vulnerable to penetration caused by condensation. To protect against this effect, INSOCOAT bearings are treated with a unique sealant.


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