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Needle Bearing MR 40 N

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Part No.dDW
McGill Outer Ring & Roller AssemblyMilitary No.Shaft DiameterShaft DiameterWidth
inch mminch mminch mm
+0/-.005 (+0/.13)
MR 40 NMS 51961-3363.563.582.682.638.1
MR 40 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS63.563.582.682.644.45
MR 40MS 51961-3463.563.582.682.644.45
MR 40MS 51961-3463.563.582.682.644.45
MR 44 NMS 51961-3569.969.988.988.938.1
MR 44 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS69.969.988.988.944.45
MR 44MS 51961-3669.969.988.988.944.45
MR 48 NMS 51961-3776.276.295.395.338.1
MR 48 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS76.276.295.395.344.45
MR 48MS 51961-3876.276.295.395.344.45
1 MR 52 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS82.682.610810844.45
MR 52MS 51961-3982.682.610810844.45
MR 56 NMS 51961-4188.988.9114.3114.344.45
MR 56 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS88.988.9114.3114.350.8
MR 56MS 51961-4288.988.9114.3114.350.8
1 MR 60 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS95.395.3120.7120.750.8
MR 60MS 51961-4395.395.3120.7120.750.8
1 MR 64 SS, S, RS, SRS, RSS101.6101.6127.1127.150.8
MR 64MS 51961-45101.6101.6127.1127.150.8


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