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railway bearingTBU 120x195x131.35

We are a bearing manufacturer (a bearing exporter, a bearing supplier, a bearing wholesaler), please contact us if you have any needs.

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Main DimensionsProduct DesignationdDBC
TBU 120x195x131.351639609 DE120195126131.356
TBU 130x230x150SKF1977261302301501506
TBU 130x230x160BT2-85461302301501606
TBU 150x250x1605KF353130-2RS150250154.51606
CTBU 130x230x150BT2-8670-01130230166.351506
CTBU 130x230x160BT2-8671130230176.351606
CTBU 150x250x160353130B150250180.61606
CTBU 150x250x160BT2-8720 BD150250180.61606
Main DimensionsProduct DesignationdDBC
mm (inch)
Class C (5″x9″)BT2-8735 BB119.008195.26336.525142.8756
Class D (5 1/2″xlO”)BT2-8547 BB131.775207.963146.75152.46
Class E(6″xll”)BT2-8516 BB144.475220.663155.575163.516
Class F (6 1/2″x12″)BT2-8612 BB157.175252.413177.8184.156
CTBU Class K (6 1/2″x9″)BT2-8606157.175250180.61606
Main DimensionsdDBC
CTBU 150x260x160150260180.61607
CTBU 160x270x1701602701951707


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