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RS 6 Bearing

RS 6 Bearing

Wholesale bearings, complete bearing types, and low prices. Please contact us if you have any needs.

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Part No.BDW
Single RowBore DiameterOutside DiameterWidth
inch mminch mminch mm
+0/-.005 (+0/.13)
RS 619.05819.05838.11538.11522.234
RS 722.23422.23441.29141.29125.410
RS 825.4125.4146.05646.05626.998
RS 928.58628.58649.23249.23226.998
RS 1031.76331.76352.40852.40826.998
RS 1238.11538.11563.52563.52528.586
RS 1444.46844.46869.87869.87828.586
RS 1650.8250.8282.58382.58330.174
RS 2063.52563.52595.28895.28831.763
RS 2269.87869.878101.64101.6431.763
RS 2476.2376.23114.345114.34534.939
RD 1031.76331.76352.40852.40857.173
RD 1238.11538.11563.52563.52560.349
RD 1444.46844.46869.87869.87860.349
RD 1650.8250.8282.58382.58360.349
RD 1857.17357.17388.93588.93563.525
RD 2063.52563.52595.28895.28863.525
RD 2476.2376.23114.345114.34569.878
RD 2888.93588.935127.05127.0576.230
RD 32101.64101.64139.755139.75576.230



We are SWS Bearings LTD, a bearing manufacturer (a bearing exporter, a bearing supplier, a bearing wholesaler), please contact us if you have any needs.



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