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SB -22308 Bearing

SB -22308 Bearing

We are a bearing manufacturer (a bearing exporter, a bearing supplier, a bearing wholesaler), please contact us if you have any needs.

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Part No.BDW
Main bearingBore DiameterOutside DiameterWidth
inch mminch mminch mm
SB -2230840.00040.00090.00090.00033.0033.00
SB -2230945.00045.00011011036.0036.00
SB -2231050.00050.00011011040.0040.00
SB -2231155.00055.00012012043.0043.00
SB -2231260.00060.00013013046.0046.00
SB -2231365.00065.00014014048.0048.00
SB -2231470.00070.00015015051.0051.00
SB -2231575.00075.00016016055.0055.00
SB -2231680.00080.00017017058.0058.00
SB -2231785.00085.00018018060.0060.00
SB -2231890.00090.00019019064.0064.00
SB -2231995.00095.00020020067.0067.00
SB -2232010010021521573.0073.00
SB -2232211011024024080.0080.00


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