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Spherical Roller Bearing 23200 series

Bearing introduction

Spherical Roller Bearing 23200 series are large bearings, generally used in rolling mill gearbox housings, rolling mill rolls, crushers and other large machinery.

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Spherical Roller Bearing:22200 series,22300 series,23000 series,23100 series,23200 series

List of symbolic descriptions

Other technical modificationsW33All bearings are equipped with an annular groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring.
KTapered bore.



Cage types

CSteel cage with two stamped window-type steel cages, an inner ring without flanges and a floating guide ring centered on the inner ring.
CAMachined brass cage with retaining flanges on the inner ring, guide ring centred on the inner ring.
MBSplit brass cage, centered on the inner ring. There are hard board in the center and two boards in the outer sides

Structure Diagram Of The Spherical Roller Bearing 23200 Series

Structure diagram of spherical roller bearing

Model list and dimensions of spherical roller bearings 23200 series

Old number
SLEEVE NO.Nominal Bearing Dimensions(mm)Bearing
23220 MBW333003220 H 100 180 60.3 6.624 
23220 CAW333003220 H 100 180 60.3 6.624 
23244 MBW333003244 H 220 400 144 79.00 
23244 CAW333003244 H 220 400 144 79.00 
23264 MBW333003264H 320 580 208 241.00 
23264 CAW333003264H 320 580 208 241.00 
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