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Self-aligning ball bearing

The self-aligning ball bearing has two structures of a cylindrical hole and a tapered hole, and the material of the cage is steel plate, synthetic resin and the like. The characteristic is that the outer ring raceway has a spherical shape and has self-aligning property, which can compensate for the error of the heart ball bearing by different degrees of heart and shaft deflection, but the relative inclination of the inner and outer rings must not exceed 3 degrees.

Self-aligning ball bearing features

Self-aligning ball bearings can withstand large radial loads while also withstanding a certain axial load. The outer ring raceway of this type of bearing is spherical, so it has the function of self-aligning. When the shaft is bent or tilted so that the centerline of the inner ring and the centerline of the outer ring are inclined no more than 1°~2.5°, the bearing can still work.
The inner diameter of the self-aligning ball bearing is cylindrical or conical. The conical inner bore has a taper of 1:1 2 or 1:30. To enhance the lubrication performance of the bearing, an annular oil groove and three oil holes are machined on the outer ring of the bearing.

Product Classification of Self-aligning ball bearing

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