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Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing, also known as radial ball bearings, are the most widely used types of rolling bearings. It is characterized by low frictional resistance and high rotational speed. It can be used for radial loads or for combined loads of radial and axial action. It can also be used for axially loaded parts such as small power motors, automotive and tractor gearboxes, machine gearboxes, various small and medium-sized machines, transmission tools and more.

Deep groove ball shaft structure

Deep groove ball bearings consist of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cages. The most common ones are single row deep groove ball bearings and double row deep groove ball bearings. Deep groove ball structures are generally divided into two structures: sealed and open. Open type means that the bearing does not have a sealed structure, and the sealed deep groove ball is divided into a dust seal and an oil seal. The dust seal cover material is stamped from steel plate to prevent dust from entering the bearing raceway. The oil-proof type is a contact type oil seal, which can effectively prevent the grease in the bearing from overflowing.

Product Classification of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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