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Integral Shaft Bearing

Introduction of integral shaft bearings

The integral shaft bearing is different from the other bearing. The integral shaft bearing does not have an inner ring, but is processed by an inner ring that is directly machined into the inner shaft. Product specifications include: Chrome or stainless steel spindle shaft; Thoroughly hardened chrome steel for the outer race; Chrome steel balls; Steel or nylon cage designs available; Steel shields closures as well as synthetic rubber, metal-encased rubber, and metal encased labyrinth seals .
  Integral shaft bearings are very compact, allowing for either two rows of balls or a row of balls and a row of rollers. If you need some more flexibility when it comes to integral shaft bearings, outer race and shaft diameter variations are available, as are Shaft extension modifications. It’s this flexibility that allows integral shaft bearings to be used in several applications, including those in the automotive, agricultural, and landscaping industries.

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Special bearing: Integral Shaft Bearing,Mast Guide Bearings

Structural drawing of the integral shaft bearing

Structural drawing of the integral shaft bearing

Model list and dimensions of integral shaft bearings

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