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Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical roller bearing are double row roller bearings. The outer ring of the spherical roller bearing has a common spherical race, the inner ring has two raceways and is inclined at an angle concerning the bearing axis. This clever structure allows it to be automatically aligned so it is not affected by angular errors between the shaft and the housing or by bending of the shaft. It is suitable for occasions where an angular error or an inherent angular error occurs due to the bending of the shaft.
This kind of bearing are mainly subjected to radial loads and can also withstand axial loads in either direction. Spherical roller bearings have a high radial load capacity and are particularly suitable for heavy or vibration loads, but not for pure axial loads. The outer ring raceway of this kind of bearing is spherical, so its self-alignment performance is good, and the coaxiality error can be compensated.

The most common type of cage

Mainly used cage for spherical roller bearings: stamped steel plate reinforced retainer (suffix E). Stamped steel plate cage (suffix symbol CC), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage (suffix symbol TVPB), machined brass two-piece cage (suffix symbol MB). Machined brass integral cage (suffix CA), stamped steel cage for vibration (suffix symbol JPA). Brass cage for vibration applications (suffix EMA). The same structure, the code on the bearing may be different.

Spherical roller bearing structure

Spherical roller bearings are divided into the cylindrical inner bore and conical inner bore.
The taper of the conical inner bore is 1:12 rear spherical roller bearing (model 153000 or 113000) with code K and 1:30 rear spherical roller bearing code K30. When such a bearing is matched with a conical shaft, the inner ring moves axially to adjust the radial clearance of the bearing.
The tapered roller spherical roller bearings with the rear code K and K30 are mounted on the matching adapter sleeves, which become the rear bearing code K+H and K30+H bearings. This type of bearing can be mounted on an optical axis without a shoulder and is suitable for applications where the bearing needs to be installed and removed frequently. To improve the lubrication performance of the bearing, the outer ring of the bearing has an annular oil groove and is drilled with three oil holes evenly distributed, and the rear code is W33.

Spherical roller bearing category

Spherical roller bearings are available in: spherical roller bearings (20000CC type); tapered bore spherical roller bearings (20000CCK type); spherical roller bearings (20000CC/W33); tapered bore spherical roller bearings (20000CCK/W33 type); spherical roller bearing (20000CCK+H type) mounted on the adapter sleeve; 6 kinds of spherical roller bearings (20000CCK/W33+H type) mounted on the adapter sleeve.

Product Classification of Cylindrical roller bearing

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